Mandatory Volunteer Commitment

The success of a non-profit club such as the St. Albert Mustangs Track and Field Club is dependent on the volunteers that give of their time. Without this commitment from the volunteers, the sport simply would not exist. As a result, and in support of the efforts of the club and its programs, each family is required to volunteer each season (16 hours for outdoor and 16 hours for indoor). This time can be filled by the athlete, their parents, siblings, other family members, friends, or significant others.

If a family’s volunteer commitment is not met by the end of the season, their post-dated volunteer deposit cheque (valued at $200 for outdoor/$200 for indoor) will be cashed. Note: We would prefer not to cash any deposit cheques, but would rather have all members/families fulfill their volunteer responsibilities – it’s really your time and support that we need. When all the volunteer commitments are met, cheques are destroyed.

Below we have outlined different ways in which you can get involved.

Board of Director Volunteer Positions:

Fulfill your Volunteer Hours! We welcome new board members! Board meetings are held on a monthly basis and we only ask for a 1 year commitment. If you are either interested in holding a position in the future or have some questions about what is required with a position on our board, please email

For the 2018-2019 season, we are looking to fill the following positions:

  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer Support
  • 2 Members at Large positions

Coordinator Positions:

The St. Albert Mustangs Track and Field Club Board of Directors appoints coordinators as well to support the efforts of the club. These individuals are welcome, but not required, to attend the monthly BOD meetings. These are non-voting positions.

  • Meet Entry Manager
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Equipment/Technical Coordinator
  • Website Management
  • Meet Organizing Committee (Outdoor)
  • G-mail Monitor
  • Team Snap Administrator
  • St. Albert Challenge Committee Positions


Meet Volunteer Opportunities:

Both indoor and outdoor track meets are only possible with the help of volunteers from participating clubs. The meets cannot run efficiently or safely for the athletes without a full complement of volunteers. Each club, based on its size, is allotted a number of volunteer positions per meet. The Mustangs, when participating in the meets, commits to providing its share of volunteers in order to help ensure the meets are successful. Our representation as volunteers shows our support, not only for the athletes from our team who are competing, but also for the entire organization and the sport. No experience is required. Volunteering at a meet is not only easy, but a great way to learn more about the various track and field events (while watching your child compete).

** All meet volunteers receive breaks and free meals and refreshments.


Casino Volunteer Opportunities:

The Mustangs have traditionally been allotted a casino about once every two years. Casinos are an opportunity to raise significant funds for the club (allowing us to get away from having to raise registration fees), but running the event successfully takes helping hands. To learn more or to sign-up, please email