We are here to help you improve your performance. Whether you are new to the sport or new to our club, we want to make sure you have all the information required to achieve your personal best.


Track Meet Checklist

  • St. Albert Singlet
  • Running shoes
  • A few pairs of socks (many athletes like to change socks between events for comfort, and in particular following long jump)
  • Track suit (for warm ups)
  • Band aids (for blisters)
  • Hair elastics (if appropriate)
  • Eye drops and lip balm (for indoor – as the Butterdome is very dry)
  • Entertainment: Book, cards, ipod/music with earbuds
  • Sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen (outdoor)
  • Blankets and appropriate clothing to keep yourself warm/dry (outdoor)
  • Chairs, tarps, pop up canopies, umbrellas, etc (outdoor)
  • A healthy picnic lunch/snacks and water
  • Patience and a positive attitude!